About Us

From the original founder and clients like Amway and Holiday Inn,
THE EVENT COMPANY was built on working hard, meeting goals and exceeding expectations. Those deep-seated values and roots are still at work. We bring an unmatched work ethic, sense of humor and fun, and a unique vision to everything we do.

The combined experience, skill set and resources we bring to every project allows us to make truly original, customized events come alive anywhere in the world, or on the go! Everything from slick, sparse presentation spaces to beautiful elegant weddings and galas, to promotional tours and pop-up events, to fantastical wild worlds designed and realized. We are conveniently located in downtown Louisville Kentucky – a proud hub of community and entertainment in this country – and within a day’s driving distance to 3/4 of the U.S. population!

Call THE EVENT COMPANY today: 502.581.1000. We dial in on the details, provide project management, and fulfill the promise and execution that make an exciting event, tour or tradeshow spectacular, press-worthy, and unforgettable.